7 Precepts Of Fellowship

What are the “7 Precepts of Fellowship” for establishing a real-world, local, “7 Precepts of Fellowship Meeting”?


ONE  Rule:  The Golden Rule.


ONE  Principle:  The 3Circles Empowerment Principle.


TWO  Lifestyle Choices:  Christ-Centered Meditation and Gathering as a 24/7/365 Church Community.


THREE  Supporting Ideas (based on what it means to be created in God’s Image):
1) Like God we are individually Sovereign and Creative.
2) Like God we are Loving (giving and forgiving) and Communicative (able to speak the word).
3) Like God we are all Stewards (of our physical world) and Priests (of the spiritual world).


1 + 1+ 2 + 3 = 7 Precepts of Fellowship.