Hi, I’m Leroy E Grey.  Together with my wife, Vonda, we’ve created several organizations to minister to the needs of what Barna Research calls the “Unchurched” (or as one Christian blogger refers to us, “Church Free”), some 8 million born-again conservative Christians, Spirit-led followers of Jesus Christ who’ve realized the institutionalized traditions of Christianity negatively impacts one’s spiritual growth.  Or as Jesus put it, “Your traditions, which you have handed down, make the word of God of no effect.”

This is the reason for one of Christianity’s biggest failures, the failure to clarify the difference between the original Spirit-Word that Jesus told us to continue in (“Continue in my Word”, which couldn’t have meant the New Testament, since it wasn’t written till decades after Christ’s death) and the Bible, the written word of God (which is the word about the Word).

To put this another way, we have a clergy entirely focused on scripture and scriptural interpretations, a clergy who “Serves the copy and shadow of heavenly things” (Hebrews 8:5), who have little to no experience of those heavenly things because their education is theological and religious in nature, entirely focused on the written word of God rather than getting direct experience of God’s “heavenly things.”

But don’t get me wrong.  I understand the necessity and beauty of God’s inspired word contained in the Bible.  I believe, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”  But understanding doctrines, using the Bible’s written word as a means to correct interpretations and to instruct us on how to live righteously does NOT bring us into God’s Presence.  “Doctrines”, “correction”, and “instruction”, the purposes of the scripture-word outlined in 2 Timothy 3:16, should never be confused with God’s Holy Spirit-Word, whose purpose is unite us with God’s Life and Power.  This Living Spirit-Word can help us with our God-intimacy issues. This Living Spirit-Word can bring us regularly into God’s Presence.  But this empowerment is unimaginable to those schooled only in the written word, for they have no experiential point of reference.  That is the inherent hypocrisy of religion, it promotes a love of God and a righteous lifestyle but it denies direct access to God’s Living Spirit Word that comes to those who understand what Jesus meant when he said, “The kingdom of God is within you”!

Remember, Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63) but the Bible is neither.  In 2 Corinthians 3:5-6 we read: “God, has made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” (2 Corinthians 3:5-6).  And Jesus clarified this further when he said to the Pharisees and scribes, those who spent their entire lives immersed in the scriptures, “You do not know the Scriptures nor the power of God” (Mark 12:24).  The power of God is NOT in the scriptures, it is in God’s Holy Spirit and it by God’s Spirit that we come to KNOW God, not just learn ABOUT God! 

There is no mystery as to why these truths spoken to us by Jesus have been twisted to deny their true Spirit-centered nature.  Christ’s teachings favor individual spiritual empowerment. Religion always favors empowerment of the institution.  Thus, exact causes are hard to find when researching the history of Christianity because its history was written by men whose theological training favored the institution and the book, not the Spirit.

I have spent decades trying to get to a root understanding: How was it possible for Christians, over a period of some 1,400 years, to justify the murder of so-called heretics who differed with their institutional religion doctrinally?   How could they disobey Christ’s call to love one’s enemies, kill them instead, and still think they acted righteously?  Even more importantly, how is it possible that Christians today are not horrified that these murderous founders of their religion are still counted as worthy of being their founders, some of them even promoted to sainthood?!.  You’ll find these answers in my book, “Make Christianity Great Again!” and I guarantee you, those answers will shock you!

OK, I digressed.  This is an “About” topic.  You can get to know us a little better personally, by reading about how we met and got married… it’s a pretty amazing story!

God has also intervened on my behalf over 25 times, in ways that can only be described as truly miraculous.  Sharing those miracles and insights is what our ministry is about.

Likewise, Vonda has been touched by God in miraculous ways.  She contracted a viral infection from a bug bite that inflamed her brain and nearly killed her.  When she came out of her two-month-long coma she couldn’t talk or walk and doctors said she’d never do either!  But today she walks with the aid of a rolling walker and is able to converse, although with some difficulty.

I invited Jesus Christ into my heart, on November 24, 1973.  This began a transformation process that continues to this day.  Everyone should grow spiritually, just as we grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.  And we can if we abandon the idea that God spoke everything of importance to men of old and therefore no longer needs to speak directly to us.  That is a lie.

Seven months after my initial spiritual rebirth I had the most amazing experience of my entire life.  This was over 40 years ago, on the day of summer solstice, June 1974.  It was then that I was taken to heaven, while fully conscious and alive, and given my life work.  I highly recommend reading the short article I’ve written about that experience HERE.  I guarantee you’ll be challenged spiritually as you read, but every last word is absolutely true!

As a ministry, we are officially in pre-launch.   Many may wonder why its taken so long to begin.  But once someone becomes acquainted with the depth and breadth of the task, and understands how much time it takes to retrain one’s thinking to embrace something so totally new and unique, they’ll wonder no more.

Vonda and I also see no separation between our personal spiritual life, our fellowship with other believers, and our work.  Back in the 80’s, I read a story about a black Baptist Church.  The pastor was inspired by God to stop sending their meager collections overseas to missionaries and to invest that money in his people instead.  Prior to God’s message, over 90% of his congregation was on welfare. Obeying God, this Pastor started a Church-run business and then invested the profits in businesses started by other congregation members.  In one generation the 100-year history of poverty within that congregation was wiped out and the poor to rich ratio reversed.  This is why we say we have a Church Ministry/Business.

Through our online community at RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, we will help establish local fellowship groups within the traditional communities where our members live.   And together we will all work towards building intentional, faith-based communities that have active programs for assisting their members in the establishment of their own home-based businesses.   In this way there will be many options available to our community members; they can work outside the community, work inside with our community businesses, or create their own home-based business.

We are well aware of the disunity among Christians, even within the same congregation.  According to the 2001 edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, there are 33,820 denominations.  This fact reveals the truth of the denominational church system’s underlying hypocrisy… there is no unity!  And without unity, there is no real love, only feigned love.

Through education about how God developed a better way of living, which mainstream Christianity rejected, and by spiritual training on how to quiet one’s mind and meditate on God, our members will experience a degree of personal joy and peace few Christians ever know.  It is by going to the source for our inspiration, rather than other men and their writings, that we experience God’s power, individual Spiritual liberty and the abiding unity Christ promised.