Make Christianity Great Again

If you consider yourself a Christian, or even if you think of Jesus as only one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, YOU WILL WANT TO READ MY NEW BOOK.

Make Christianity Great Again! begins with the amazing story of God’s gift to me, a trip to heaven while alive and in perfect health. Inside I reveal the details of my heavenly sojourn, how it happened and what I discovered while I was there.  You’ll also learn why God chose me, a fugitive running from a drug bust, to lead this spiritual revolution, to lead Christians away from the hypocrisy of their religion.

The writing of this book was a miracle.  Being a recovering perfectionist, it’s taken years to write another book (still writing!). But by the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, Make Christianity Great Again! was written in only seven weeks!

Inside my book, you’ll find out how Christianity became a religion and why it still, to this day, distorts or totally ignores nine Spirit-centered, biblical principles taught by Jesus. And you’ll be appalled by Christianity’s dark hidden history my research uncovered.

When you discover what Jesus said relative to some of Christianity’s most cherished doctrines, you’re going to be shocked!   I guarantee you will see Christianity in a whole new light.

I also share my discovery of a rare 350-year-old method of worship still being preserved and practiced by a small sect in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada.  And although my experience happened three years before I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, it was the most profoundly life-changing worship service I’ve ever experienced, playing a huge part in my decision to follow Jesus Christ.

If you’re a truth seeker; if you’re someone who wants to experience God, not just read about God; and if you’re in any way interested in learning about the Abiding Oneness I experienced in Heaven, you’ll want to read my book!

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