15 Oct 2017
October 15, 2017

R.A.R.E. Study Groups

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R.A.R.E. stands for “Reason And Revelation Educators”.  As lifelong learners, we are both student and educator.
In our R.A.R.E. Study Groups we study together, privately meditate on what we’ve studied, and share God’s revelations when we meet again. In this way, we unite our collective Reason with God’s Revelation, to arrive at a deeper understanding of truth.
Both our RARE and 7 Precepts Meetings are real-world groups.  They are established by Church Community Members of our online members only site, RENEW-GATHER-BUILD (RGB).  Any RGB member who chooses to become an Affiliate Business Owner can establish a local 3Circles Church Community (3Circles Church Communities, Inc., is the official parent company, tasked with planning, designing and building each church community) and earn recurring revenues, as a percentage of the RGB monthly membership fee, on every member they sign up.
The RARE Study Groups are open to anyone who at least believes in God.  Our “7 Precepts of Fellowship Meetings” (7POFM) are for RARE attendees who are born-again Christ-believers like us, who seek to worship together and work towards building or joining a 3Circles Church Community.
What do we study? We study the Bible and science books written in laymen terms, ones that are cutting edge, even alternative (like “Biological Transmutations” by Kevran or Rupert Sheldrake’s “Morphic Resonance”).  There are amazing ways in which science is now proving the existence of the spiritual realm.  Sometimes the parallels between the Bible and scientific thought is astounding, and something we enjoy exploring.
Those who join our R.A.R.E. Study Group will be introduced to our Christian meditation method, “Christ-Centered, Glory2Glory, Transforming Meditation” (CC-G2G-TM) and our newly developed, step-by-step educational system called, “WORD Meditation Education System.”  This new educational paradigm will be the first not limited to the input of the five senses and is built on the foundation of my 34-year-old Christ-centered meditation method.  It combines the meditator’s Revelation received with God, with their Reason to arrive at a greater understanding of Truth.  Jesus once made a profound statement regarding believers being taught by God, and Christianity has totally ignored it: “They shall ALL [all believers] be taught by God” (John 6:45).
One of the greatest positive aspects of this “WORD Meditation Education System” is the realization our meditators gain, that ALL problems of life can be brought to God and practical solutions found.  There is probably no greater example of this than Sir Isaac Newton, arguably the greatest scientist who ever lived.  Newton was a lifelong Christian meditator who often spent hours meditating on some intractable science problem each morning.  Newton believed his greatest insights in science were attributable to God’s revelation during those meditations.  Which is probably why he once said, “Truth is the offspring of silence and unbroken meditation”.
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Author of "Make Christianity Great Again" and Founder of RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, a Christ-centered church community, social network, school and business incubator for born-again conservative Christians looking for an alternative to traditional church.

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