“WORD Meditation Education System” (WMES)

  • The entire “WORD Meditation Education System” owes its existence to my 44 years of sacrificial obedience to God’s calling, a calling that was given to me by an angel of God when I was miraculously transported to heaven seven months after I accepted Christ as Savior.
  • A major part of that obedience happened soon after my Heavenly sojourn, when God asked me to give up my desire to follow the traditional path of theological instruction and be taught directly by God.
  • Another major part of my obedience to God was the abandonment of the eastern religious method of meditation I was practicing when I was born-again. However, knowing the Bible commands us to meditate upon God’s Word, I subsequently prayed that I might discover the best possible Christian meditation method. That 10 long year prayer came to fruition when I was humbled by homelessness and totally dependent on God.
  • The “WORD Meditation Education System” will include future related courses, including a course on universal priesthood and the practical aspects of becoming the best possible Priest of the Lord. My struggles and eventual victory in overcoming my own indoctrination and brainwashing by Christianity, along with the great amount of wisdom I’ve gleaned from my daily meditation times with God — these are my treasure-gifts to you and future generations. It is my firm belief that those who embrace these truths will want to read my BLOG and visit our Facebook page to better understand what God is seeking to accomplish.
  • If you wish to follow us and grow spiritually, please watch our video and take advantage of our once-in-a-lifetime offer! Those who watch to the end and follow through on our call-to-action, will receive a full year of FREE access to our mobile-enabled, virtual church community, school and collaborative project clearinghouse, RENEW-GATHER-BUILD.
    Our video is available at: and it is our sincere hope you’ll become an active participant in helping us build both our online virtual community and, eventually, one of our real-world 3Circles Church Communities!
  • BELOW IS AN OUTLINE OF WHAT THE “WORD Meditation Education System” IS ALL ABOUT:

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